WaterWatch PRO creates a monthly rainfall report that details the hourly, daily and monthly precipitation at each of your monitored locations. 

The report contains data for as many days as the location was monitored.  
In the event you cancel a location, the report will contain information for all of the days until WaterWatch PRO stopped monitoring the location. 

The data in the report is based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), a universal standard for weather reporting. 

Use the following to convert the times:

If Daylight Saving Time is in effect

Eastern time - subtract 4 hours

Central time - subtract 5 hours

Mountain time - subtract 6 hours

Pacific time - subtract 7 hours

At all other times:

Eastern time - subtract 5 hours

Central time - subtract 6 hours

Mountain time - subtract 7 hours

Pacific time - subtract 8 hours

You will automatically receive a report via email at the end of each month. The report will be sent to the email address used to create the account.

Download A Sample Monthly Rainfall Report

WaterWatch PRO Sample Monthly Report (pdf)