Many of our clients appreciate how we save them money by reducing the number of unnecessary trips they make each month.

Here's an example:

You have to make weekly NPDES inspections, right? 

But you also have to do inspections after sufficient rain. 

Suppose you made 3 of those extra trips in a month for a location. 

Those truckrolls cost $69.50.

However, if you had WaterWatch PRO, you would have learned only two trips were necessary. That would have cost you $34.75.

The savings? $29.95, which includes your monthly WaterWatch PRO subscription. 

That's just for one site and you likely have more.

How much could YOU save? 

Use our calculator to see; just click the button below.

* - costs above based on $25 hourly inspection rate, 10 miles travel to the site and 30 minutes to perform the inspection. You can enter your values in the cost savings calculator below.