Stormwater Monitoring Services

WaterWatch PRO monitors rainfall 24/7 and notifies you when the threshold you set has been met for your monitored locations. WaterWatch PRO works anywhere in the continental United States.

WaterWatch PRO notifies your contacts with a text, email or both and shows you the hourly rainfall trends.

Anticipate Rainfall

Beside stormwater monitoring, the WaterWatch PRO app also provides updated precipitation forecasts from the National Weather Service.

This lets you anticipate possible rainfall in advance. While this gives you a general idea of when rain might occur, WaterWtach PRO will only notify you when the threshold limit you set is reached for your monitored locations.

Example of our stormwater monitoring services

Add your team members

If you monitor multiple locations, you can define which members of your team are monitoring specific locations. There's no need for each of them to have the app. 

You can arrange it so that both you and your contacts receive a notification. Remember, contacts can be notified with either a text, email or both.