Track Rainfall

Tired of misreading a gauge, or discovering it isn't working properly? Not any more.  WaterWatch PRO uses proprietary collection and analysis techniques based on trusted NOAA data  to provide you with hyper-focused, accurate and timely rainfall data for any location in the U.S. - right on your mobile phone

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Excessive Rain

Could there ever be too much rain? WaterWatch PRO proactively compares detected rainfall against National Weather Service historic maximums. Multiple applications for construction, agriculture and other industries.

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Rainfall Forecast

 The WaterWatch PRO app provides updated daily precipitation forecasts from the National Weather Service. This way, you can anticipate possible rainfall in advance. While this gives you a general idea of when rain might occur, remember, WaterWatch PRO will only notify you when the threshold limit you set is reached for your monitored locations. 

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Monitor Multiple Locations

Need to monitor multiple locations? Your upgraded WaterWatch PRO account lets you define as many as you wish for as long as you need.

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Notify Team Members

Define which member of your team is notified of rainfall for one or more locations. WaterWatch PRO notifies both you and your contacts so you can more productively manage projects. 


Monthly Reports

 Receive a complete report of the hourly, daily and monthly rainfall for your monitored locations. If you start a FREE WaterWatch PRO trial using a coupon code, you can receive these for up to 3 months. 

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*COMING SOON* - On-Demand Data

WaterWatch PRO normally displays the most recent 48 hours of data for monitored locations. This upgrade feature lets users select a date/time range and view a summary on the app. Additionally, users can receive request partial reports via email. 


*COMING SOON* - Site Forecasts

Nationwide precipitation forecasts are already a standard WaterWatch PRO feature. Soon, users will be able to receive a forecast for rainfall at their specific site. This can give stormwater inspectors and others a way to adjust schedules and plans.