It's easy to set up a FREE, no-credit card trial of the WaterWatch PRO service. 

  1. Create an account by providing your name, email address and mobile phone number. 
  2. Receive a text message containing an access code.
  3. Download the WaterWatch PRO app and install it by entering the access code.

Once the WaterWatch PRO app is installed, open it, create a location for monitoring and assign a rainfall threshold. 

During the trial, we suggest you set the threshold fairly low (.25 or less). This way, you'll more quickly see how the service works. Watch this video to see how to set your location.

When WaterWatch PRO detects sufficient rainfall, you will be sent a text and email. This effectively concludes your trial as it demonstrates how the service works.

Upon receiving your rainfall notification during the trial, you will have 5 days to upgrade your WaterWatch PRO account to paid status and add additional locations for monitoring. Also, with a paid account, you will receive a monthly report containing the daily rainfall for the locations monitored in your account.

Remember, there is no credit card required to begin a free trial of WaterWatch PRO

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