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Set A Location And Define A Monitoring Threshold


Get Text/Email When Enough Rain Falls


FREE TRIAL details

When you download the app, you will define a location WaterWatch PRO will monitor and a rainfall threshold. WaterWatch PRO will then collect hourly data for your location. When sufficient rainfall is detected, you will receive a text and email. 

Your trial lasts for one (1) month, during which time, you will not be charged.

If you have a coupon code provided by a reseller, or obtained at conference where we've exhibited, you can receive $10 off your upgrade cost. 

No coupon code? No problem, just contact us.

Anytime before your FREE trial expires, choose to upgrade to one of 

WaterWatch PRO's Premium Services. 

How to upgrade: from within the app, go to Settings from the Main Menu. Then select Account. You will be sent a secure link to process your upgrade based on the service level you choose.


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