THE Essential Tool for StormWater Monitoring

Eliminate wasted trips to perform NPDES, SWPPP or MS4 inspections due to inaccurate rainfall estimates. 

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How does it work?

  • Enter contacts you want notified
  • Enter locations to monitor
  • Set rainfall notification thresholds
  • Assign contacts to the locations

Then – wait for rain!  

How much does it cost?

  • After a FREE trial, $10/month
  • Each location monitored: $20/month
  • Secure credit card billing
  • Charges pro-rated by usage

How To Start

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Tired Of Wasted Trips?

You know it rained, but do you need to do a required site inspection? You have several sites to check and can’t waste time and money driving to places that don't need to be checked.

Improved Accuracy

Rain gauges don't always accurately measure rainfall. Sometimes, they aren't checked in a timely manner or are mis-read. WaterWatch PRO is a cost-effective alternate to manual methods for stormwater monitoring. Read more about our measuring method.

WaterWatch PRO Notifies You

WaterWatch PRO performs stormwater monitoring at multiple locations, then immediately notifies your team members when thresholds you set are met. You can assign different team members to be notified for stormwater monitoring at different locations, increasing efficiency and productivity.

What Makes WaterWatch PRO Unique?

  • State-of-the-art stormwater monitoring process designed by weather professionals precisely calculates hourly rainfall.
  • Instant, automatic notifications sent to contacts via text and/or email notification when the rainfall threshold you set is met. 
  • Streamlined communication for your team.
  • Option to receive notifications once within a 24-hour period or multiple notifications each time the threshold is met.
  • Monthly reports emailed to you providing historical documentation of the date and time rain fell at your locations.

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