Pricing Detail

Account Fee

There is a $10/month account fee to have a registered Water Watch PRO account.

Pricing for Each Location Monitored

In addition to the monthly account fee, there is a $20 per month service fee for each location WaterWatch PRO monitors for you. You may add and delete locations as your monitoring projects start and finish. Monthly fees are paid in advance and are pro-rated based on the number of days during each month the location is monitored.

Secure Credit Card Billing

When you create an account, you will be transferred to a secure PCI-certified credit card vendor. There, you supply credit card information that will be used for automatic monthly billing. 

Your billing date is the start date of your account. After each successful payment, you will be sent an automatic email receipt.

Pricing Example 1

Let's say you need to monitor 2 construction sites. You establish an account on March 15th and your card will be charged:

  • $10 account fee
  • $40 for 2 locations ($20 each)
  • Total of $50

This effectively pays for monitoring service from March 15 to April 14. Then, on April 15, your card will be charged again based on the locations WaterWatch PRO is monitoring in your account and the $10 account fee. This will pay in advance for monitoring service from April 15 to May 14.

Pricing Example 2

Continuing from the example above..

You add a 3rd location via the WaterWatch PRO app on April 1. You will be charged the following on April 15:

  • $10 account fee
  • $40 for two locations established March 15th
  • $10 for new location established April 1 (Pro-rated cost from April 1 to April 14).
  • Total of $60

Pricing Example 3

Now suppose on May 10, you cancel one of the locations you originally entered on March 15. Since you' "pay ahead" for each location, you will receive prorated credit for the days not used by the billing date.

Om May 15, you will be charged:

  • $10 account fee
  • $40 for two locations established March 15
  • $20 for a location established April 1
  • $3.33 credit for March 15 location deleted May 10.
  • Total of $66.67