Pricing Detail

Account Fee

There is a $10/month account fee to have a registered Water Watch PRO account. Use a coupon code provided by various resellers to receive a $10 discount off the first month.

Pricing for Each Monitored Location

In addition to the monthly account fee, there is a $20 per month service fee for each location WaterWatch PRO monitors for you. You may add and delete locations as your monitoring projects start and finish. Monthly fees are paid in advance and are pro-rated based on the number of days during each month the location is monitored.

Additional pricing options are available for:

  • clients with a large number of locations to monitor.
  • locations larger than one half square mile

Please email us with details so we can address these situations.

Secure Credit Card Billing

When you create an account, you will be transferred to a secure PCI-certified credit card vendor. There, you supply credit card information that will be used for automatic monthly billing. 

Your billing date is the start date of your account. After each successful payment, you will be sent an automatic email receipt.