Unique Service Managed Through An App

Create an account for this subscription service and manage it through the WeatherWatch PRO app, available  from the App store or Google Play.

Create An Account

Click here to create your account. Begin a FREE trial (no credit card needed) or make a secure payment for the number of locations you want WeatherWatch PRO to begin monitoring.

Get The App

Once your account is created, you'll receive a password. Download the WaterWatch PRO app from either the App store or Google Play. Use the provided password to activate the app.

Use The App

Once you install the app, define locations to monitor and a rainfall threshold for notification. Then assign contacts who will receive notifications by either text and/or email when thresholds are met.

FREE Trial Details

During the FREE trial of WaterWatch PRO, you are the only contact and you can only monitor one location. After your first notification,  you have the option to upgrade to a paid account. You may also do so at any time from within the app. Learn more about the FREE trial here.